Our Mission

~To create a school that is highly regarded for
academic excellence within a flexible and innovative learning environment
that will effectively develop, sustain and enhance the skills necessary to be
life long learners and productive citizens~

With the help of the Santa Rosa Academy community, the founders are building a school where children are eager and excited about learning, where they are developing a sense of positive self worth, where compassion and service are valued, where every student can strive for success. Every day, we make strides towards fulfilling our mission.

Santa Rosa Academy offers an educational program personalized to meet a child’s needs emphasizing the development of the whole child: academic excellence, solid character development, artistic awareness, knowledge to prepare for life in a technological age and a dedication to physical and mental health. We offer the opportunity to partner in the decision making process in regards to the student’s future. Students will experience success today that will build a foundation of success for the future. We are committed to equipping students with the skills necessary to live up to their highest potential.

Students have the opportunity to improve communication skills; ways in which we can interact positively with each other. Vocabulary development is emphasized; raising the level of sophistication in daily communications. Manners are taught and reinforced. Students are exposed to opportunities for speech and debate. The students participate in many forms of community service including the development and implementation of a Community Service Project that will benefit the local community and allow the student to look beyond themselves to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

Character Development is a very important component of our program and students will focus on developing a commitment to improving in all aspects of their lives. As our motto says, we want students to:

~Develop a Habit of Mind for Success
through the timeless principles of excellence, integrity and respect~

Whether you choose to home school or send your child to our campus daily, we are dedicated to the vision that all children can succeed if given an opportunity to do so. We’re here to provide that opportunity and hope you will find out more about us!