Santa Rosa Academy Tracks


Red Track K-12

Independent Study /Home Study K-12 with the option of selecting Learning Center classes to supplement. Students will have access to all site facilities including the Technology Center, the Performing Arts Center and all sports programs. Students may opt for Blue Track at any time once they reach the 6th grade. Learning Center classes will not exceed 23 students.


White Track K-8

Home Study/Two Day a Week site based combination. Students attend school two days per week for teacher directed instruction with three days at home. Optional field trips, workshops and classes for students will be offered. Students will have access to all site facilities including the Technology Center and the Performing Arts Center. Students may opt for Red or Blue track once they reach the 8th grade. Classes will not exceed 25 students for White Track.


Blue Track K-12

Site Based 5 day per week attendance in a traditional school setting. The site offers college preparatory classes, a Technology Center, Performing Arts Center and various sports programs. High expectations in academics and discipline will be the standard. Classes will not exceed 25 students.


All teachers will be responsible for utilizing an Individual Learning Plan for each student that will assist the teacher and parent in determining a student’s educational path. Teachers on Red and White tracks will have Monthly Meetings, at a minimum, with each student to ensure that no child is left behind. Meetings will help build the parent-student-teacher partnership so that all students will be afforded the opportunity for success.

Teachers on Blue Track will be available to parents during weekly Office Hours. Students can attend tutoring weekly as is needed. Parents may arrange meetings and/or tutoring with individual teachers to ensure success for all students.