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The staff at Santa Rosa Academy is dedicated to the education of all children and will provide the school with the support needed to provide an excellent program. We are dedicated to supporting families who desire a more personalized approach to their child’s education.

Our teachers are not only experienced in the traditional school setting but in home schooling as well. Our teachers average over 10 years of experience. All are credentialed by the State of California and many possess advanced degrees. Our high school teachers also possess Single Subject Credentials in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Sciences, and Spanish.
Our Special Education Liaison assists in diagnosing and assessing reading difficulties and provides strategic interventions. A Curriculum Specialist works with parents in making curricular choices that will provide the most educational benefit and will keep the school abreast of new curricular options. A High School Counselor assists high school students in making college and career decisions.

The Director of the school has over 20 years of educational experience in traditional and charter schools, holds current teaching and administrative credentials, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and, most importantly, is a parent of children at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Although the position involves more than managing the educational program, the administration works closely with the School Board, the Development Committee and charter organizations to build a strategic plan that includes a fiscally responsible business foundation.

Support Staff:
The Support Staff at Santa Rosa Academy consist of a Chief Business Officer, Office Receptionist, Registrar and other clerical staff. They have experience in school operations, public relations, finance and human resources and will provide the school with excellent support in all areas.