“What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


History of Santa Rosa Academy

The school was founded by a group of teachers and administrators, Laura Badillo, Nerni Miller, Niki McMullen and Kim Ciabattini included, who wanted to provide more educational opportunities for students in southwest Riverside County.  At the heart of our inception is the dedication to developing the whole child.  The founder’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that students not only deserve an excellent education, but a conscious development of good character, a sincere respect for a student regardless of past performance, social status or affiliation and a dedication to the principles of a democratic society through an education in civic responsibility and a commitment to patriotic ideals.

The charter was developed over several months and thoughtful consideration was given to the name of the school.  As a tribute to the Santa Rosa Plateau, in the hills of west Murrieta, the name was chosen out of many selections of local, historical significance.

Our mascot, the Ranger, was also chosen out of several hundred names and two years of discussion as to the importance of what we represent as a school community: responsible, dedicated, tough, a protector, one who maintains order on the “frontier.”  While the Santa Rosa Plateau has its own Rangers whose duty is to protect and preserve the local park and open spaces for future generations, we too, see the symbol as one of great importance for our “Rangers;” dedicated to the protection and preservation of ideals.

We opened our doors in September, 2005, to fifty nine home schooled students and seven staff members and operated out of a garage while our newly leased offices were being built. Those first fifty nine were so committed that they became the foundation upon which our school was laid.  Since then, we have grown to over 950 students and 65 staff members and anticipate another year of incredible growth. Our leased facilities now include over 30,000 square feet of space between our two locations: our main campus at MSJC, Menifee Campus and Santa Rosa West located at Menifee Elementary School.

Our Strategic Plan includes developing partnerships with local businesses, historical societies and community members who would like to invest in our children’s future.  We are excited about our future building project; 25 acres on La Piedra Road in the Menifee Town Center.  Please consider partnering with us so that we may realize this vision for the children of Southwest Riverside County.